Let’s just go ahead and admit it, this is the world of the mobile phone. Look around you, everyone is on their mobile phones. iPhone users may be the crowd that get fun from exploring the hidden shortcuts and functions. Do you know everything there is to know about your iPhone? Here are three iPhone tips that you may have not known about.

iphone tips

Dark Mode:

Using a phone at night can put quite a strain on the eyes. The stark difference between the dark room and the brightly lit phone screen hurts the eyes and disturbs others as well if they are around you. However, by switching to dark mode, you don’t have to worry about that. Simply go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Display Accommodations>Invert Colors. This will change all the whiteness to black and allow you to use your phone without hurting your eyes or disturbing others. But also keep in mind that this will invert all colors for the time being unless you switch them.

Faster Recharging:

We all love phones and using them but we absolutely loathe when we have to recharge them. It takes hours to do so and is just inconvenient when you want to use your phone. However, by switching your phone to airplane mode, you can charge it in half the time. Why it works? Because it turns off your wifi, your phone signals and a lot of other stuff that use the battery even when they’re just on. Also,  reduce your screen brightness by half as well to add at least two more hours of battery time.

Stronger Signal:

You never know when disaster strikes, sometimes you need to make an emergency call but there is no signal. So there you are waving your phone around hoping you’ll get something with no idea how. Well, now there is a way you can do so putting your phone in field mode. Go into the phone dialler and type 3001#12345# and hit call, you’ll enter Field mode tool and then can find the signal. How you would do that? By looking on the upper left hand corner of the phone where you will now see a negative sign along with your signal. There will be numerals there as well that will let you know the signal strength. The lower that number is, the better the signal will be.

Quite simple iPhone hacks when you look back at them but its often the simplest of methods that are the most effective. This will give you the extra edge when using your phone from now on as you know more about some functions and tricks. With each phone there are new features to explore, so until the next iPhone comes out, this will do.