Choosing best portable charger out of the several brands in the market requires that you know what makes the best portable phone charger.  Some of the features to consider include the capacity of the charger, the USB, the weight, the price and of course, the quality of the design. That is where ML20 portable charger stands tall.

portable charger iphone 6

What stands ML20 portable charger out from others?

  •    High capacityof20,000mAh

Most mainstream power banks are usually between 2000mAh to around 11000mAh while the Morui ML20 has 20000mAh. Compared to other portable phone chargers, ML20 portable phone charger is uniquely unmatched offering five iPhone X charges or three iPad Mini charges.

  •    Portable chargerwith LED screen

The ML20 portable phone charger has a LED screen that displays the percentage of the capacity left.  This way, you know the extent of usage at any time without guessing.  This is a unique feature only a few portable phone chargers have. It comes in White and Black colour:  The blend of black and white colors is another great attraction which buyers attest to.

  •    Portability

ML20 portable phone charger is small in size capacity ratio and easy to carry about compared with power banks of other brands, which are very heavy and inconvenient for you to carry and use them on the go.

Other Notable Features

  • The input is 5V/2. 1A
  • Output is USB1:5V/2.0A; USB2:5V/2.0A
  • It has a dimension of 157x71x24mm

best portable phone charger

ML20 portable phone charger is a Morui  product well-received by the young for its high quality, excellent performance, and creativity. Overall, this innovative device is a product crafted with your convenience and peace of mind.