Hey you, are you tired of your phone battery running out when you need it the most? Are you tired of having to charge it for hours just stuck to a wall every day? Do you wish you could charge it and be on the move as well? Then we have a solution for all your problems! Morui PX10 power bank will be the best power bank out there for your needs.

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It has 10000mAh capacity and accepts the 5V/2.1A input when you charge it. No matter when or where your battery runs out, when you have the Morui PX10 power bank, you don’t have to worry about anything. It will take care of all your charging needs in no time.

Fast charging USB port:

With two USB ports, charging two phones at once is now possible so if your friend runs out of battery too, you can offer them a port and they can charge as well. The power bank also supports fast charging so in case you have one of those phones which have a humungous battery capacity, you can charge it in a jiffy just like the rest of them.

Small size:

What makes this one of the top power banks in the market, is its size. Despite its capacity, it has a relatively small size, almost as much as your phone so you won’t feel like you have to carry a clunky device all day long. You barely will be able to feel the difference, and it fits perfectly in your bag or your pockets.

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Easy to carry:

Is it hard to carry? Not at all, it is just as heavy as a 500ml bottle of water. You can barely feel it when you’re carrying it in your daily dealings. Which is one of the many reasons why Morui PX10 power bank is one of the best power banks out there that money can buy.

Two standard colors:

It’s available in two standard colors, white and black allowing you to mix and match with your phone easily. If you’re an iPhone user then it’s simple as getting either white or black color based on your phone. If your phone is from another company, then you get to have fun mixing and matching with different color combinations.

Charging Benchmark:

How many times can you charge your phone you may ask? Well, there is no straight way to answer this question as every phone has different battery capacity. But using an iPhone as a benchmark, we can tell you that it can easily charge an iPhone 7 for 3.5 times or iPhone 5 for five times, so that you can have more fun without plugging them into the wall.

Morui is one of the top power banks manufacturers in the world and the PX10 proves how much we have evolved creating of the best power banks in the world. It’s reasonable in size, it’s portable, it’s light weight and the best of all, it’s reliable.