There are a lot of things your iPhone can do, even if you do not have the latest iPhone yet. All new iPhone release have different opportunities to manage the current set of features, however, several proven and established tricks from previous versions apply to the current models too. To get you familiar with the most advanced tricks for iPhone users, here are some amazing iPhone tricks you probably didn’t know or was not sure how to find them.

1. Find out what your iPhone knows about you

Creepy right? Your iPhone always collects information about you in the background. It may include frequently used apps, the amount of data you are churning through and even your location. You will not only see where you have been but also the number of times you have spent in such places by checking the following:

Go to Settings

Click on “Privacy, and select Location Services

Click on System Services, and Frequent Locations

2. Text to speech

Your iPhone can read long emails and articles using speech feature. It is especially useful when walking or driving. You need to use your fingers to pull down and your iPhone will read the article. Also, you can control the speed by using the hare and tortoise icons. Go to “General” >tap on “Accessibility” >select “speech“, and activate “Speak Screen” to enable this feature.

3. Head control

Amazingly, you can operate your iPhone by tilting your head, meaning you can view the notification center, access Siri, manage volume, and switch Apps by simply moving your head. Open “Settings“> select “General” >click on “Accessibility” and tap “Switch Control” to turn the switch control on and click on “Switches“. Select “Add New Switch” and “Camera“. Then the blue bars will come up, indicating that the iPhone’s camera identifies you.

4. The location

The hack comes in handy, especially when you need to give a direction to someone. Also, you can disclose your location for approximately one hour or even indefinitely. You can select the contact, and tap the info or “I” button to relay your present location to your contact.

5. Reachability

If you can’t access the top of your iPhone screen, simply double-click the Home button. This will make the screen to slide down.

6. Night mode

The night mode hack adds a tint (yellow) over the screen of the iPhone at night. The hack is very helpful, especially if you read at night with your iPhone. You can turn on the Night mode by going to your iPhone’s “Settings“> Select “Display and Brightness” >Click on “Night Shift” and set it to sunrise to sunset.

7.The virtual home

The AssistiveTouch in your iPhone settings you defines the outcome when you 3D touch, long press, tap, and double-tap the floating icon. What this means is, you can distinguish actions such as launching the control center, going to Home, and speaking to Siri. Once you configure it, you will no longer use the Home button of your iPhone again!

To get your iPhone’s virtual home button: Go to “Settings“>select” General” ,and click on “Accessibility”.

8. Do not disturb

Sometimes, there is a need to put on your phone during work hours or at night. At the same time getting disturbed by unimportant texts or calls during work hours may not be the best. So how do you manage this? Simply modify the “Do Not Disturb” option and your iPhone will ring when specific people call you. On your iPhone’s Settings, go to “Do Not Disturb“, select “Allow Calls From“. Next, select the group of contacts you want to reach you.

Hope these iPhone tricks can help you, and make you enjoy more.