People love iPhone, and hate it when it gets short of power. We never expect that cellphone makes us anxious more than ever. Before Apple improves the charging technology greatly in the future, what we can do is to find a proper companion for iPhone – a portable charger.

If you Google portable charger for iphone 7, the search results can be over two million. No wonder we feel lost in front of so many selections. Is there any way to choose a portable charger for iPhone in a fast and effective fashion? The answer is yes. Take the following steps to find out how you can simplify the purchase process.

1.Set up your budget for the portable charger for iPhone

It’s more useful than you think if you set up your budget before you search for anything related for the portable charger. Prices vary greatly if you don’t set your mind to a certain kind of portable charger. When it comes to the category, it goes back to your budget again. If you search on, you will find that the price will vary from $11 to $44. Do you want a branded portable charger with high price, or a good portable charger with competitive price? Is there any preferences or requirements for the design and size? How you weigh the price with other features? If your budget is within $30 and you want a good-looking portable charger with high capacity, the selection list will be half of the complete list.

2.Narrow the selection to three to five brands

To get to the second step, you need to know the specs of your iPhone. What’s the capacity of your iPhone?
iPhone X 2716mAh
iPhone 8 Plus 2675mAh
iPhone 8 1821mAh
iPhone 7 Plus 2900mAh
iPhone 7 1960mAh
iPhone 6s Plus 2750mAh
iPhone 6s 1715mAh
iPhone 6 Plus 2915 mAh
iPhone 6 1810mAh

If your iPhone is a relatively new model, running on the latest iOS, it will drain the power faster than older models even in the standby mode. Due to the battery technology applied to iPhone, a portable charger with quick charge feature is not a necessity since it won’t go well with your iPhone in the long run. The recommended solution is to buy a large capacity portable charger for iPhone, that is, a portable charger with lightning connector. Filtering the optional brands by capacity will greatly shorter the selection list. You can further narrow the selection to just a few brands by your preferences, such as size and weight of the portable charger. If your goal is to make the most of your bucks, you can compare the brands available.

3.Weigh the pros and cons to make a final decision

At this stage, you’re very close to finish the task. Congratulations! What you need to do is to list the pros and cons of the three to five brands for option. It would be great if you can limit it to three. For example, 20000mAh portable charger for iPhone is your goal, and your budget is within $50. If you are located in US, and search for a portable charger on Amazon, Mi potable charger is priced at $50, and Anker potable charger is sold at $44. Morui potable charger is less than $40 will be the top three options. Take Morui potable charger as an example to weigh the pros and cons.

Morui ML20 Portable Charger for iPhone

High capacity of 20000mAh
Unique and good design
LED screen to monitor power usage
Heavier than 10000mAh portable charger
Large in size
New brand

Generally speaking, battery life cycle is 300 times, and branded portable charger is more durable since the real capacity conforms to the claimed capacity, and the craftsmanship is more sophisticated. With developing battery technology, you can enjoy better portable charger with a more competitive price if you are open to new things.