Mother’s Day is coming in a few days. With so many selections as a gift for your mother, you may be quite hesitant. If you are looking for a practical present, then you don’t want to miss this article.

With so many interesting apps on the cellphone, every one runs out of cellphone battery frequently, and a mini powerbank will be an ideal choice for girls. If the mini powerbank has a good and fashionable design, it will make the girls very happy and satisfied.

Mother's Day Gift

Of course, there are many power banks with shape of a perfume bottle, or a lipstick, but you need to know that the mini size greatly restrict the capacity of these kinds of power banks. Generally speaking, power banks of these design shapes are less than 4000mAh, that is to say, it can only fully charge your cellphone for one time if your cellphone is the latest models like iPhone X (2716mAh), and less than two times for early models of cellphone with less than 2000mAh capacity.

Shopping for a gift for Mother's Day

Is there any mini powerbank that has compact design to occupy less space in a lady’s handbag, and offer more cellphone charges? Yes, there is one, and this 10000mah power bank is specially designed for girls. It is Morui MO10 mini powerbank. Since girls love iPhone and Samsung cellphone, Morui MO10 mini powerbank is also a usbc power bank, with one output for type-C connector and one for lightning connector. You must be surprised that the high capacity 10000mah power bank is very small in size and can be carried in the handbag without being a burden in shopping.

Morui MO10 mini powerbank

Let’s take a look at the Morui MO10 mini powerbank. With a square shape and checker design in four color matching options, this practical Mother’s Day gift is also a fashionable accessory. Both the input and output current is 2.1A so that it can be charged and discharged quickly. The size is 85mmx85mmx28mm, so it can fit well in a girl’s palm.

MO10 mini powerbank details

If you are interested in buying one for Mother’s Day, you can contact our partners in your country for price and shipping details. Wish you all a happy Mother’s Day!