phone tips

Whether what you own is an iPhone, a Windows phone, or an Android device, some tips to make the most of it are general. So, follow these tips to save money, time, and stress – all it requires is little effort. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your mobile, regardless of the brand.

  • Backup your photos and video automatically

To avoid losing memories, set your mobile device to back up your photos and videos automatically. This will save you some pain if you lose your phone. There are several options to do this:

Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox’s Carousel app can back up media files to cloud storage; however, you only have 5 GB storage space for Dropbox’s Carousel app and 7 GB for Dropbox’s Carousel app.

Also, you can make use of the Google+ app for Android or iOS, which backs up a lot of photos. You can achieve this by going to your settings and set the resolution to about 2048 pixels. You can also use Flickr, which offers you storage of one TB for high-resolution videos and photos.

  • Store your music online

Do you know you can free up some space on your mobile phone if you store your music online? Google Play Music app lets you store approximately 20,000 free songs and you can access the songs via apps for Android or iOS. All you have to do is download the Google’s Music Manager Software, and upload your device’s music folder.

  • Check out alternative email apps and browsers

While it is simpler to use defaults apps for basic functions, you can try other options – you might find an app that suits your needs better.

Mailbox is an excellent email option for Android and iOS, allowing you to delete emails with just a swipe, set reminders and attach files from your Dropbox.

Google mail users can also check out the Gmail app for Android or iOS because it is more effective than the default iPhone’s Mail app for viewing and searching long conversation.

For internet browsers, Firefox, Chrome can allow you to m view tabs opened on a different device. Dolphin Browser offers a desktop-style display and contains frilly features like gesture add-ons and controls.

  • Limit the use of cellular data for certain features and apps to save battery power

Put off cellular data for specific apps that you need to conserve battery. Go to your phone’s settings and select the data usage option and off the cellular data for certain apps that use too much data.

  • Extend battery life with low power mode

If your battery is running low, and there is no place to charge, do not fret panic. Just go to phone settings, select Battery, and then Low Power Mode. (For mobile phones running on iOS9)

By activating the Low Power Mode, non-important functions are disabled, giving you about 4 extra hours of battery life.

  • Organize your home screen using some logic

Is your home screen filled with unorganized folders and apps? Dedicate few minutes to sort them out. Place your favorite apps on the 2nd and 3rd rows on the bottom of your phone’s main screen. Doing this will help you reach them easily and without stress. Above the rows, place your favorite app categories in folders, or some widgets.

Conclusively, these are just some of the many ways you can explore the functionalities of your mobile device as there are a lot more to discover. You can also look through the “settings” of your phone and find something new!